Review: Wicked Intentions by @JTGeissinger


Literally, as I was reading this, I thought of Ryan.

he's hot

But a beefier, stockier, tattooed version of him:

tattooed blonde guy

Minus the long hair, but you know what I mean, right?

J.T. Geissinger got me laughing; like, literally, feeling all the feels ‘coz of hot, sensitive, alpha-male, funny, sexy Ryan. Too bad he’s a figment of Ms. Geissinger’s imagination. One that coincides very, very well with mine, I might add.

Me at the end of every scene with Ryan:

want him

Ryan and Mariana’s story of high-risk level theft, thrilling chases using GPS trackers, and insta-love, combined with Ms. Geissinger’s funny yet brilliant dialogues, and blended together with characters I’ve previously loved from the second book of her “Wicked Games” series, make for one helluva book.


I’ve never loved three consecutive books in a single series before, TBH, so this is a first for me. I cannot wax enough eloquence on this series. It’s fast-paced, yet balanced with the right amount of detailed crap we romance readers love, love, LOVE to gorge on (all pun intended). Its twisty-turny surprise bit at the end made me gasp a little (on the metro, nonetheless!).  And, ooooohhh-boy, did I mention that Ryan McLean, as pictured in my head, is seriously drop-dead-DEVINE? Le sigh.

A week after finishing my copy of this ARC, I’m still dreaming about Ryan and pretending I’m his Mariana. Five fully-deserved stars.5 stars


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