Review: The Darkest Sunrise by @AlyMartinezAuth


No one does romantic-drama in book-form better than Aly Martinez, in my opinion. Take for example her latest duet series, “The Darkest Sunrise.” I thankfully and excitedly received an ARC from the author and her publicist 8 days ago; I then recklessly dove in at 8pm last night. A wink of sleep I definitely did not get this bloody Monday morning, but I regret nothing.

Porter Reese and Dr. Charlotte Mills’ fatefully intertwined heartbreaker of a story was both poignant and cute. A weird description, you say? Yes, it is, I know. However, run with me on this precept. Two broken-hearted people in their mid-30s refused to ignore a deeply-felt and immediate connection between them. They discover things about themselves when they’re together, they fight, they love, they push through, and……….. dun-dun-dun-DUN….. I got tweaked with the ending of this first part of the duet.

Now, I breathlessly await for the conclusion of Porter and Charlotte’s story. In case I wasn’t clear enough in the preceding paragraphs, let me elucidate it now: it’s damned good, y’all.

Pre-order it now: you’re gonna get a great deal, believe me.



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