Review: Hearts On Air by @LHCosway

hearts on air LH Cosway.jpg

If this was the conclusion to L.H. Cosway’sHearts” series, then it’s a highly suitable and unforgettable one. It contains all the extremes that I, as an extremely emotional reader, require in a good romance novel: heartbreak, fear, loving stars in the guy’s eyes, eventual forgiveness, and growth. I also especially love that book-hero, Trevor Cross, is different from all the recent book heroes I’ve read about. Trevor is living with ADHD; he’s not super macho or alpha-ish at all. I’m so glad that both he and his counterpart, book-heroine, Reya Cabrera, are both relatable. They’re human, have made mistakes, and were willing to work hard to correct what went wrong.

TBH, though, would a show featuring parkour street artists excite people? Meh, probably not (notwithstanding the Ninja Warrior shows, which do not just feature parkour athletes). And, while Reya’s “Hearts On Air” lyrics were superbly well-written, I would really love to have someone sit down and write the melody to it, because it sounds too good to fit today’s Top 40 standards.

Another thing that I really liked about “Hearts On Air” is because of its base setting: London. It’s extremely sad about what’s been happening recently in one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve only been there twice, and I plan to go back. No one brings London down!

Back to the book: All-in-all, a great purchase. 4 stars


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