Review: The Farthest Edge by @KristenAshley68

the farthese edge kristen ashley.jpg

When a strong woman is inexplicably and cruelly reminded that she is physically weaker than a man, and that man just so happens to be her lover and BDSM sub, she is forever changed. When she and I are introduced to another man, one who has been through all sorts of physical, emotional, and psychological pain, and who fulfills her wildest fantasies, shows her his gentler side, and gives her a love that could surpass even forever, then I’m one very lucky reader for hitting the jackpot that is called “The Farthest Edge,” written by the incomparable Kristen Ashley.

If you take Ms. Ashley’s penchant for romantic, alpha male heroes combined with strong, smart, admirable, non-whiny, not-OTT-dramatic, funny, mature, and physically-gifted women, stir in highly erotic sexy scenes that are beyond taboo, then I say: WOW. ‘Nuff said. I was taken for a wonderful and sinful ride through the lives of several characters who are, essentially, giving the middle finger to the rest of the world. In my personal opinion, this is the best writing that I’ve seen Kristen Ashley deliver so far. Why anyone would choose not to like it because of the “Honey” books’ extreme sexy scenes, I truly don’t understand. Take those away, and at the crux of it, “Farthest Edge” is a tried-and-true KA story of love that is well fought for.

Now, I read on Ms. Ashley’s Goodreads blog that her favorite scene in all her books (so far) is the one that “Farthest Edge” hero, Branch Dillinger, had together with one of his best friends. It’s one that doesn’t even involve his romantic counterpart, Evangeline, a.k.a. Angie. I wholeheartedly agree. I may have my own issues with American politics and international policies now (yes, I can still comment on those despite my not being an American; despite my life being halfway around the world, it is still badly and unfortunately influenced by DJT’s masochism stupidity¬†machismo), but Branch’s issues¬†5 stars.jpgwith the same are all the more disheartening and bleak. When he finally chooses to bury those said issues and pursue happiness with Angie, he finds hope, which gives me hope in return.

P.S. The 3rd and, supposedly, final stand-alone book in the Honey Series is going to be about Domme queen, Mistress Sixx, and Dom prince, Stellan. I’m sure Ms. Ashley is waiting for her readers to write to her and bug her about Aryas and Talia’s story, too. And, Gerbil’s, as well. So, please, KA, if you read this, please consider this as my petition to read about those 3 characters. Okay, if you’re negotiating, I’ll take Aryas & Talia please. Thanks!