Review: Dating-ish by @ReidRomance

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Penny Reid and I are bosom friends. I know it. She doesn’t. Obvs. Pshaw. But I don’t care, ‘coz my heart knows what it knows. Penny Reid and I are like kismet meeting its… fate. Okay, okay, I also know that that last thing I just said doesn’t make any damned sense, but you feel me, right?

Just like I also felt, immediately after reading the first few pages of “Dating-ish” that Ms. Reid and her brilliance came out swinging with this book. She makes me THINK. Mind you: this is a ROMANCE novel. Like, you’d think it’s another version of the classic, oft-repeated, and stilted romantic smutty tales we’ve all read – and that I constantly love reading – but, no, “Dating-ish” is the anti-thesis of what I’ve come to think of as the boring, old norm. Whenever the main book characters, Marie Harris and Matt Simmons debate their views on love, relationships, human interactions, science, robots, or anything, really, Penny Reid is making me think: if this were real, how would I respond? Of course, I already take it for granted that my responses are probably not going to be as well thought-out as Ms. Reid’s words, because I’ve highlighted so many passages in my ARC copy of this e-book that it’s as colorful as my old scientific textbooks.

Wise words abound throughout the book, lift up from the e-pages I held, and smashed directly into my brain and conscience. Fictional Marie’s mother told her, “Only you get to decide how you stand, what you stand for, and when you do it.” Matt tells Marie, at one point, whilst discussing whether or not robots should be legally protected from maltreatment and simultaneously witnessing a set of parents brutally leaving the care of their child purely to a nanny, “I can’t see the value in a set of ethics for the treatment of machines when we, as humans, don’t even treat our children ethically.” He adds, “Paying a person to care for you isn’t going to work, because people are inherently flawed. Without a paycheck, that kid won’t see that nanny ever again. But an AI {Artificial Intelligence robot], one who’s [sic] entire purpose is to give compassion, I think it would change the world.”

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Good one, Penny, good one.

No, wait. GREAT one. Totally, unabashedly, in love with you your books.