Review: Beyond What Is Given by @RebeccaYarros

Beyond What Is Given rebecca yarros.jpg

I love it when I’m hit with a book that was completely, unexpectedly GOOD. Suffice it to say that Rebecca Yarros took me on a wild ride with her “Flight & Glory” series. This one, though? “Beyond What Is Given” is beyond what I had thought it would be.

First of all, thank you to Ms. Yarros for not making the racial difference between her two main characters a big, freaking deal. The impalpability of the love between these two fictional characters were EVERYTHING. I love the strong and flawed female character, but who’s also soft at the same time. Writing a character that complex is the bomb, and Ms. Yarros excelled fantastically. The romantic in me fell quite a bit for Grayson, too. How can one not? He’s yummy, stubborn, flawed but strives so hard to overcome his own challenges. His dad’s a bit of a dick, but whatevs, he came from a good place. I think. Regardless, though, Grayson’s a great character, one who’s very suitable for Samantha’s character.

I can’t stop raving about this; that’s what made me plunge headfirst into “Hallowed Ground,” the fourth and final “Flight & Glory” book. I regret doing that, quite honestly, because “HG” was not for me. I wanted my HEA to stay HEAs, and HG delivered hard hit after hard hit. Ms. Yarros killed off a character whom I thought was gonna be starring in his own love story, for goodness’ sake. But, it’s okay. I’ll forever remember this series as the one where I met Grayson and Samantha.


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