Review: Full Measures by @RebeccaYarros

rebecca yarros full measures.jpg

Totally did not expect this. I really, really, really liked this NA novel. Rebecca Yarros is a new author for me – honestly, I don’t even remember why I even bought this book, but I was in a book schlump, and thought I’d read my TBR backlog, since I wasn’t attracted to any of the new releases this month (yet).

Ms. Yarros, thankfully, kept the boring internal monologues to a minimum, and just kept me chug-chug-chugging along with her characters’ story. December “Ember” Howard and Josh Harris are now embedded in my brain as two of the best book hero and heroine, 4 starsfrom books I’ve read this year, so far. Superbly well-written, relatable, fast-paced, heart-string tugging, and memorable, Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros is one heck of a steal. Def worth it!


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