Review: Just Like That by @AuthorNRendell

just like that nicola rendell.jpg

I’m in love with author Nicola Rendell’s books. I first learned about her when I started seeing plugs and blurbs for her previous book, Hail Mary, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e back in late November and early December. Loved that one so much that when I saw she had this one, “Just Like That,” coming out in April, I didn’t even read the blurb – I just pre-ordered.

And, I’ve had no regrets. “Just Like That’s” plot is pretty simple. Boy sees girl in airport, gets smitten, girl smiles and talks with boy, girl sees what she thought was her bag from the luggage belt, takes it, and leaves. Boy follows, and they proceed to fall in love following the insta-lust both felt zinging thru their bodies when they had first met. They go thru a series of love challenges, take down the proverbial bad guy, save the girl’s little town, boy moves to her said little town to be with her, and they, finally, live HEA. Not bad, eh? What I especially like, though, are the unexpected parts author Nicola Rendell added to this boy-meets-girl story. Now, I like me my rom-com, but when some smut is added to the mix?

wolf howling gif

A-woooooooo indeed.

4 stars


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