Review: Paper Princess by @authorerinwatt

paper princess erin watt.jpg

Thank goodness I waited for all 3 books to come out first before I started reading this. Also, thankful AF that the author, Erin Watt, did not extend the trilogy to quadrilogies or quintologies or even sextologies. Because that would make this series more expensive than it already is (at 6 bucks per e-book, I’m already forgoing 1 hour of air-conditioning for every “The Royals” book, while living in my 40-deg Celsius weather as self-penance).

Gotta confess, though. I read the beginnings and the endings of all 3 books before I went back to reading the minutiae of book 1, “Paper Princess.” It reminds me a helluva lot of (again) that Japanese manga, Boys Over Flowers. Except that the bad boy and the good girl live together, and the girl was a parental ward of the guy’s dad. WOAH much? Yes, the story’s premise is THAT good.

As Reed Royal and Ella Harper’s story unfolds from books 1 to 3, we’ll discover how twisted people can be. And how much they’ve redefined the word “dysfunctional.” Then, there’s murder-mystery, the heroine remains a virgin at the end of book 1, and the main characters are both still in high school. Mmm hmm. This is a book smack dab in the middle of the YA genre. And, did I mention the sexy scenes are sizzling hot? And that the girl remains virgin?

Sorry. Did I make you wanna read the 2nd book in the trilogy, too? And, follow Erin Watt 4 starson Wattpad, since that’s where Gideon and Savannah’s story is currently being slooooooooowly released? Yeah. You’re welcome.


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