Review: Yours by Jasinda Wilder

yours jasinda wilder.jpg

Well, this was weirdly wacky and wackily depressing. I really and truly hope that this piece of fiction has never happened and won’t ever happen to any twisted-up real people. The very thought that a grown-ass man with a congenitally defective heart, who has a severe death wish, alcoholic problems, a devil-may-care attitude, no job, but has plenty of money, would immediately have a 180-degree personality change and a permanent woody at the sight of his new heart donor’s widow is, in one word, weird.

Same with the extremely depressed widow. She feels a deep connection with Lock? Okay, I get it, because once she would have found out that he has her dead once-in-a-lifetime love’s heart, then that would be a natural reaction. But, no, in this book, the good surgical nurse finds and fights an immediate emotional tug of the heart as soon as she met Lock. She initiates their first kiss, gets wishy-washy about what she wants with Lock…. and, at this point of their weird tale (I was about 50% in already), I had to stop, because it was all talk, all monotonous internal angst, then the characters’ sexual organs touched, and ta-dah, the end.

I just didn’t feel the story, the characters, the whole enchilada. It was too much, too long. At least, for me.1 star


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