Review: The Hot Shot by @Kris10Callihan

kristen callihan the hot shot.jpg

I loved every single page of this latest offering from author Kristen Callihan. Almost two years it took to get into my grubby, little hands, but thanks to the generous author and her publicists, I received an ARC last week and just couldn’t. Put. It. Down. I read it. TWICE! Hence, I’m a bit late with my ARC review.

I won’t dilly-dally with a repetition of the book’s blurb. Instead, I’ll focus on how much better the plot was this time around (at least compared to book 3 of this series). There was none of the usual jealousy drama between Finn Mannus and his lady-love, Chess Copper. The female protagonist was portrayed like a person I’d like to be friends with. She’s lonely, has a male best friend who doesn’t give her shitty advice, extremely strong, emotionally adept, and self-sufficient. If it sounds like I’m in love with the fictional girl, well, then, maybe I am. Her counterpart, on the other hand, is also endearing. His ability to be fun and make fun of himself is cute. He’s got some leftover drama with another woman, while he was pursuing his relationship with Chess, but the way the author wrote those scenes? I liked them. It was both human and ideal, at the same time. I don’t know how Ms. Callihan did it, but she did it damned well.

If there’s a fifth book in this series, I’ll risk it now by saying it’ll be anti-climactic, because, DANG. I loved this one. Perfection cannot be topped.5 stars


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