Review: All You Need by Lorelei James

all you need lorelei james.jpg

I received the ARC for “All You Need” by Lorelei James a couple of weeks ago. Then, I got stressed out, because, at that time, I haven’t yet read the 2 books that preceded it in the series it’s part of, “Need You.” So, I read those first. Then, I really, really liked Brady Lund’s story. And, really, really tried to finish Walker Lund’s story in time, but got caught up daydreaming about Brady and Lennox. In the midst of “Just What I Needed,” I fell in love with fictional Walker, and entered into a love-hate relationship with his heroine-counterpart, Trinity, whom I found so clichéd. Nonetheless, I pushed thru and, finally, leapt wholeheartedly into Annika and Axl’s story.

Long story short? This was okay. The main characters were put in a situation that I found to be anticlimactic all throughout the book. Axl was a hockey player-bad boy, who, after getting his heart broken by his first real girlfriend, decided that he’d pretend that he neither speaks nor understands English, that he’d sleep with as many puck-bunnies as possible (one of whom was his former hockey team coaches’ wife), and that he’d sabotage his own career, because he felt betrayed and depressed since arriving in America. If you didn’t understand the logic behind this character’s thinking, well, me neither. Congratulations, you are as confused as I am.

Annika Lund, the heroine of this story, was just as weirdly characterized. She consciously entered a love-hate affair with Axl, which later on evolved into a secret I’m-so-in-luuuuuuuv relationship with him. It’s kept a secret, because she decided that she didn’t want to ruin her public Ice Princess business persona (what a way to “lean in” there). She promised herself that she’d complete a business deal first, before she comes out of the closet with Axl. When that’s done, she got depressed and DID NOT come clean about her and Axl’s love connection. Turns out, the Ice Princess is pretty insecure, despite Axl’s repeated love declarations. She only turned her sad face around after Axl put on a public performance that outed them both to their fans and family.

The entire thing was…… there’s just no other word for it, except “lame.” I got more excited about the book (I just know there’s a book coming out) about Annika’s cousin and his ex-girlfriend, whom Annika has hired to be her PR team’s graphic artist. Nevertheless, the fourth book in the series will be about Annika’s younger pro-football 2 starsplayer, Jensen Lund, who featured prominently as well in this book. I’m telling you…. everyone was more interesting than Annika in her own damned book. Sigh. It’s okay, though, I still love Lorelei James and this series.


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