Review: Mister Moneybags by @ViKeeland & Penelope Ward

mister moneybags vi keeland penelope ward.jpg

I was excited. I was so excited that I bought this book blurb-unread. Because, hey, it’s by Vi Keeland. So, I know I couldn’t go wrong. Even though it’s written in tandem with Penelope Ward. I was so super excited that as soon as I have an entire 4-hour block free from any and all obligations, I just locked myself up in my room and read this ebook with the pretty half-naked man on the cover.

By the first 10 pages, I was laughing out loud. Bianca George and her balls. Bianca and her therapeutic shouting. Dex’s sexual innuendos. Dex’s alter-ego on the cover of the e-book and my rampant imagination.

After those first 10, though, it kinda dwindled down for me. Like, Puff the Magic Dragon went pfffffffft. I understand that the authors needed Dex to keep up with his charade to fit the story they wanted to tell, but I felt that it just got too immature and weird. To me, it was as if his insecurity, lying, and weird jealousy (over his fake “Jay” persona) did not fit his Wall Street-business-magnate characterization. Then, there was the Penelope Ward “Mack Daddy”-ish reminder. In “Mack,” Ms. Ward turned the heroine into a heart-stomping, cheating beeyatch, which I absolutely hated. Here, Bianca, after discovering Dex’s perfidy, tried to quickly move on from him and dated a nice co-worker of hers, Eamon. After one date, even though Eamon soundly perfectly sane and good-guy-next-door, Bianca dropped him like a hot patata and leaped for joy into Dex’s bad-boy Richie Rich arms. Then, Eamon was never mentioned ever again after that scene.

It got even weirder when the story took a sharp left towards the land of WTF-Is-Happening. Like, the TV show “Friends” evolved into the long-running soap opera, “Dallas.” In a blink of an eye, we suddenly discover, together with the main characters, that Dex’s dad and Bianca’s mom had a long-running affair back in the day. That Bianca detested her dad for the longest time, because she was led to believe that it was her dad who had stepped out of his marriage (and out of her and her sister’s lives). And, that Dex and Bianca has this major potentially incestuous relationship going on, and that Dex was fully prepared to get it going on with his perhaps-maybe-don’twannaknowforsure half-sister.

Of course, it all still ended in a HEA. And, I just didn’t have the heart to give it just 2-stars, because I did like it…. in the end. I didn’t read “Mister Moneybags” from cover-to-cover like I normally would a Keeland-Ward novel. There were times that I just had to stop and remind myself that I bought this ebook, and also to realize that blurbs are marketing gizmos to lure in gullible readers these days. I always like twists in my books, but the 3 starsones that the authors threw in here were not to my liking, I suppose. They didn’t fit, at least, not in my head. Nonetheless, I definitely look forward to another collab. But, really and truly, I wish Ms. Keeland would just release a solo book. Please.


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