Review: Just What I Needed by @loreleijames

lorelei james just what I needed.jpg

I feel like The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland has taken over my body. Inside, I’m screaming, “I’m late! I’m late! I’M LATE!” to, frankly, nobody who cares, particularly since I’ve committed to reviewing Lorelei James’ 3rd installment in her “Need You” series. But I’ve only just finished book 2, Just What I Needed. Argh! I got so involved in Brady and Lennox’s story (book 1) that I erringly felt that slowing down for Walker and Trinity’s story in this book would sustain the pleasure of another Lorelei James creation. I was wrong. Now, I’m just plain rushing thru this review just so I can gnash my teeth into book 3.

So, in short:

(1) I thought I was not gonna like book heroine, Trinity Amelia Carlson. She’s the epitome of what an artist’s typically perceived person is: self-absorbed, selfish, weird. But in the end, she kinda won me over. A little bit. She did redeem herself quite fast in those two times after she had emotionally slashed Walker. Besides, I learned to like her better after reading that part when she stood up to her bullies (i.e., father and step-monster, and successful artist-wannabe, Ramon).

(2) I fell in love with Walker Lund. ‘Nuff said.

(3) Thankfully, though, Ms. James made the Lund men (a.k.a. Walker’s brothers and male cousins) not so perfect. I may sound masochistic, but I like faulty men. It kinda balanced out Trinity’s neuroticism.

Now, I’m on to another fave genre of mine! Sports-related family-linked romance with book 3, All You Need.


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