Review: What You Need by @loreleijames

lorelei james what you need_need you series_book 1.jpg

I bought this when it first came out, but forgot about reading it as I had a huge TBR backlog (ehem, I still do). Since the third installment in Lorelei JamesNeed You” series is coming out tomorrow (!), I just had to go back to this one.

So, imagine my surprise that it’s rated only an average of 3.84 stars on GR (as of this post’s writing time). I think some readers before me might have been in a bad mood when they read it, because I completely disagree with their average. It’s a solid 4 for me, particularly for the following reasons:

1. Brady Lund is not the typical Lorelei James romance hero. He’s not a cowboy; instead, he’s a geeky, yet alpha-ish CFO, who has multiple undergrad and graduate degrees signifying his brain-powers. In his office, he’s seen as a serious black-hearted meanie, but he’s the complete opposite of that. While Lund Industries is an MNC, it’s still a family-run business. He learned the ropes from his a-hole of a grandfather, but learned to channel his anger at the old man to be the best resource person for his family’s company. He’s also got sexy moves that cannot be beat.

2. Lennox Greene crawled and crept her way out of a hard-knocked life. I read some previous readers’ reviews about how they couldn’t relate to her and found her childish, but frankly, I don’t get what they mean by that description. As a female low-level employee in a large enterprise, her ambition, caution, smarts, and eagerness to do the right thing were all commendable qualities I’d want in a female friend. Yes, she had a truckload of drama from her previous life, but she handled it well in the scenes Ms. James gave her to shine in. I liked her. A lot.

Maybe it didn’t garner a higher rating, because my fellow readers felt the same as I did. The sexy factor could have be ratcheted up 2 notches higher. Brady and Lennox had weeks of foreplay before they did the deed at around the 70% mark. I’ve got no complaints about “What You Need,” except for maybe that teeny, tiny thing. I love Lorelei James’ books, so I know how they can get. (Ms. James, however, warned on her website that her contemporary books are not the erotics that her previous cowboy books are known for. It’s aight. We need some variety in our books, once in a while.)

Nonetheless, I really liked Brady and Lennox’s believable and relatable story. Now on book 2!

4 stars


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