Review: His Alone by Alexa Riley

his alone alexa riley.jpg

Okay, a little caveat first. I wanted to really love this one. After all, I waited for M.O.N.T.H.Ssssssssss for “His Alone” to come out. I swear, following one’s favorite authors can sometimes be detrimental to one’s patience (and wallet). But was it all that?

Mmmm… it was fine. Not too bad, but not the super duo, Alexa Riley’s, best. Perhaps it’s only me, seeing as how I’m in the minority on GR reviews. Maybe I was just not in the mood to read about a woman who’s supposedly a strong female character but is extremely wishy-washy about what she wants. There were more than plenty times in the book where heroine Paige Turner displayed a sense of not knowing what she wants (i.e., her mind tells her no, her body and heart say yes). I’ve outgrown reading about women who need to make up their damned minds and who can control their vajayjays and secretions from “down under,” methinks. In the end, though, since this an Alexa Riley book, both Paige and her hero, Ryan Justice (oy vey, what a name) found love, got sweet vengeance, committed murder [nay, don’t worry – their victim was justly and vigilantly killed in a very OTT scene], had tons of sex, and lived happily ever after.

I’ve read all of Misses Riley’s books. In all honesty, I think they should stick with novellas. Ryan and Paige’s story was filled with verbiage and sexy scenes that after the 15,849th time Ryan slammed Paige onto a wall and ate her out, I was just bored.


Yawn photo yawn_zpsyraqmknt.gif

But! Yay for their HEA.

P.S. Ryan Justice turns out to be an undercover CIA agent tasked on investigating Paige’s criminal father while they’re both on American soil. Why a young, almost-straight-out-of-high-school CIA field agent was shadowing an American drug seller (i.e., he wasn’t even the top brass in his organizational chain of drug lords and women-peddlers), Ms. Riley didn’t see fit to explain. Suffice it to say, Ryan fell uncannily obsessed in love with Paige when he first sees her. On a photograph. Again, I say: oy.

2 stars


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