Review: Like A Memory by Abbi Glines

like a memory.jpg

It started off all right, but by the end of “Like A Memory,” I was scratching my head in confusion. Not “confusion,” as in I don’t understand what’s going on, but “confusion” in the sense that… well, suffice it to say I don’t get why author Abbi Glines took such extremes with her characters.

Granted. Ms. Glines creates realistically flawed characters, as evidenced by her past books. I get protagonists, Nate Finlay and Bliss York’s, struggles with their supposed-relationship and their reactions towards each other. What I felt just came out of left field was Nate’s fiancee, Olivia’s, characterization.


Olivia, apparently, was a rape survivor. She had her childhood rapist killed, couldn’t cope with it, didn’t plan on telling Nate that she was 4-months pregnant with his son, wanted to kill her unexpected baby, committed suicide by hanging herself, and then wrote Nate a suicide note saying he’s to blame because he broke up with her. All that – in the last 25% of the entire book. I mean: what?!

say what

Yeah, I was surprised, but it just didn’t jive well with the rest of the plot, in my opinion. I get that someone has to be “bad guy” in a romantic novel of this genre, but the sudden twist wasn’t as seamless as other plot twists I’ve read. It was like Olivia was killed off, just for the hell of it. 

2 stars


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