Let Me Just Leave This Here

Serial books: love ’em or hate ’em? My definition of serial books is a set of novels that carry at most two main characters’ s story from one book to the next. Take for example: the Twilight series, the Crossfire series, and this one below.

ray 1-3.jpg

This series, with books 1-3 pictured above, where I had thought when they were simultaneously released in early January 2017, ended with “Ray of Love.” The way that author E.L. Todd writes is perfectly fine. Except that this story is just too damned stretched. It’s quite interesting, because it’s actually got several stories meshed together:

(1) There’s the one about Rae’s heartbreak over Ryker, with whom she had entered into a hook-up slash serious relationship in book 1, but then she finally gets her shit together and feels THE feelings for Zeke, one of her and her brother’s best friends, who had been harboring lovey-dovey feelings for her for 3 years. Unfortunately…

(2) Zeke’s in a super-speedy, but great relationship with Rochelle, whilst still holding a candle for Rae. By “super-speedy” I mean, Zeke was on the verge of proposing marriage to Rochelle after only 6 months of knowing and dating her. So, then he abruptly breaks Rochelle’s heart and goes after Rae, after he finds out that she’s got the feels for him, too.

(3) Ryker suddenly wants Rae back.

(4) Then, there’s Rae’s brother, Rex, who has gotten his head out of his ass and went after Kayden, another one of Rae and Rex’s best friends, romantically. Kayden had suddenly exemplified whore-y characteristics to get back at Rex for breaking her heart. I still don’t get why Kayden wants him, though. Rex, after all, is neither the brightest bulb in the room, nor is he the richest or the most hard-working. His only redeeming traits must be in between in his legs and his heart (i.e., loyalty)?

Reading these three books sequentially was like reading TV shows “Friends” and “Dallas” mashed together in book form, except it has different character names, has only 2 guys in the group, and one of the girls, Jessie, has a purposeless role within their circle. Everyone in the group lusts for someone else, but is too lame to speak up, thus making their stories too long to tell in one book.

Then, after spending $15 on those 3 simultaneously-released e-books, I then found out at the end of book 3 that there’s more to this tale.

ray 4-5.jpg

Books 4 AND 5 are, apparently, going to be released in April 2017, and each are priced at another whopping $4.99, making the total investment for this weird but very erotically sexy and trying to be funny series a hefty $24.95. I refuse to spend another ten bucks, man. I’m tapping out.

Hence, my predictions: Rae is going to hem and haw between her supposed love for Zeke and Ryker; and, Rex and Kayden will live HEA. I’m hoping Rae chooses Zeke, ‘coz, damn, the boy broke innocent-bystander, Rochelle’s, heart to be with her. However, I think E.L. Todd is going to make Ryker the winner of Rae’s stupid heart. Le sigh. I hate serials. (less)

What about you?


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