Review: Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

Warning: spoilers ahead. When I hate on a book, sorry (not sorry), I can’t help but expound on the reasons why I hated the story in it, just so I’ll remember NOT to buy another book of the same author’s.

Screenshot 2017-02-17 08.33.15.png

Welp, so the heroine cheated on a seemingly good, older man who had loved her enough to let her go. That was the worst part of the story. It’s women like this fictional one who make the rest of us look bad, quite frankly. I couldn’t tolerate (i.e., completely skipped over) the main characters’ first sexy scene together (at around the 75% mark of the book), particularly because I felt really bad for Frankie’s then-boyfriend, Victor.

Added to that, the 2 main characters, Mack Morrison and Francesca “Frankie” O’Hara, just don’t know how to communicate themselves well. During their time in college, Mack didn’t break up with his then-girlfriend, Torrie, when he felt like he should pursue his feelings/interest/relationship with Frankie. By the time that he found his balls to finally say adios to Torrie, he then discovered that he’s already knocked her up. So, he compounds one mistake after another, but continues to looooooong for Frankie. On the flip side, Frankie had moved on and formed her first long-term relationship with an older guy, Victor, who, by all indications made, was a super nice guy. He even gave Frankie a hall pass to spend 1 week with the a$$ she couldn’t get over. What did the stupid girl do? She proceeded to string Mack along, told him about the hall pass, but made it apparent that she didn’t want to use it. Mack got pissed that she didn’t want to use the hall pass, and breaks it off with her. Temporarily, of course, since she’s his true love.

Oi. WTF. And then, there was the question of Mack’s son’s paternity, since Torrie had also been sleeping with his own father, Sen. Morrison.

Jaaaaayzus, this was a 1985 soap opera/Mexican telenovela all rolled in one. Hated it, absolutely hated it. I hereby resolve not to read another Penelope Ward book, unless she’s writing it with Vi Keeland. Such a waste of time and money.

wave bye

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bang head frustrated 1 star


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