Review: Badd Motherf*cker by @JasindaWilder

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This was good. As in, G-O-O-D. Author Jasinda Wilder gave us a hot and sizzling tale about a man who felt abandoned by everyone he loves – in Alaska, of all places – and a woman who was betrayed by the one she had thought loved her the most.

Initially, “Badd Motherf*cker” sounds like another one of those OTT BDSM “I wanna be the next Fiftieth Shade of Grey,” with chains, dildos, and whips attached to it. That’s farther from the truth that I found in between its pages. It’s well-written, fast paced, and made me want more. There ARE 8 Badd brothers, after all. While the story wasn’t original, I didn’t get bored, because Ms. Wilder did away with all my pet peeves (e.g., terrible parents and sex-starved pushy best friends). She did include, however, the cliched cheating rat-bastard of an almost-groom and a runaway bride.

Sebastian “Bast” Badd and Dru Connolly’s story was so fast-paced that after one night in Alaska, Dru succumbed to her uncontrollable bodily wishes to get it on with Sebastian. This was just 2 days after her aborted wedding with the man she supposedly loved. Two. Days. True, the rat-bastard needed to be taught a lesson, but the way Dru was so sluttily portrayed didn’t quite jerk a tear from me. It was okay, though, since Sebastian seemed equally smitten with her. There was that moment he flopped back to his catch-and-release manwhore ways, but thankfully, he redeemed himself.

What I especially loved about this book, though, is, despite her seemingly uncontrollable sexy urges regarding Bast, Dru is a very strong woman. She knows how to defend herself, cusses like a sailor, and gives no two sh!ts about anyone who stands in her way. Bravo for this, I say. We need more strong women in our romance books, ones who don’t sob, cry, and weep perpetually, waiting for their prince to come save them while they’re licking their own wounds.

All in all, I think I’ve found myself a new author to obsess over. “Badd Ass,” 3 starsthe next installment in this series (brother #2, Zane Badd’s, book), is out now, and coincidentally, it’s calling my name.


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