Review: The Cad and the Co-Ed by @LHCosway and Penny @ReidRomance

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“The Cad and the Co-Ed” by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid is the 3rd installment in the authors’ Rugby series. I must confess: I really liked the first book, “The Hooker and the Hermit.” Their second one, “The Player and the Pixie“? Meh. This one? It was okay, in my estimation.

The cad is professional Irish rugby player, Bryan Leech, while the co-ed, Eilish Cassidy, was not a co-ed anymore at the time their story really unfolded. Bryan and Eilish hooked up once, while she was still a 19-year-old college student and Bryan was in his mid-20s. She unexpectedly got pregnant, decided to keep the baby, and kept Bryan out of the loop, particularly because he was an unreliable alcoholic who had immediately forgotten about her and their sexual foray the minute he had woken up. As per usual, there were the rotten parents who made the main characters’ lives miserable. Misses Cosway and Reid also threw in a disgusting lunch-thieving sexist senior physiotherapist and a weird meddlesome best friend in the mix to further highlight the angst, toils, and troubles Bryan and Eilish needed to get through to find happily-ever-after with their son, Patrick.

Was the book good? Well, it was pretty predictable. Nothing new, really, but it sure helped ease my boredom while waiting for my dentist over the weekend. Did the sexy scenes, at least, make up for my lack of vested interest in the story? No, not really. Those, too, seem canned and trite. I wish that the authors would lessen the immature and unnecessary “dun, dun, DUN” sound effects in Eilish’s inner monologues. Nobody really thinks that way, do they, in fake movie sound effects? They’re silly and annoying. I also wish that the oft-repeated themes of main characters getting thwarted by bad parents, worse/traitorous/extreme fun-loving/kid-hating/sex addicted best girl-friend, and comically bad co-workers would stop. We need some type of originality in our stories. Finally, I also hope that my dangling “what ever happened to…” questions would be answered. For example, what happened to Bryan and his relationship with his AA sponsor, (lesbian) Sarah? At one point, he had mildly resented her for her strong insistence that he get Patrick’s paternity tested and validated. Eilish didn’t seem to like her, too. However, Sarah is an essential part of Bryan’s success as a recovering alcoholic. So… what happened? And what about Eilish’s cousin, Sean Cassidy’s, long-distance romance 2 stars with Lucy Fitzpatrick? I’m still not convinced they’re living in their own HEA. Nevertheless, I’m just going to presume all’s well that ends well. But I still didn’t like that I don’t know for sure. “The Cad and the Co-Ed’s” ending was loosely clomped together and their HEA was… there. Just there. So, okiedokie.

P.S. My long and winding book review is based on an ARC generously given to me by the authors and their publicist. Don’t just take me at my word and my own star rating, though. Read it yourself and share with me your thoughts.


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