Review: Sweet Dreams by @NinaLaneAuthor

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This is my first Nina Lane book. I have to admit: it feels like I’ve always had the second book of her “Spiral of Bliss” (SoB) series,”Allure,” on my TBR list. The reason why I haven’t it yet, though, is that I hate serials. I really do. After diving headfirst into Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series and loving the first 2 books, but hating the last 3 books, I’ve had enough of serials. I just feel like the author ran out of really good material, stretched out the story unnecessarily for more royalties (i.e., money), added in redundant sexy scenes just for the hell of it, and ultimately ruined the whole damned thing. Day should have stuck to her original plan of just having 3 books (alá Fifty Shades) instead of destroying it in 5 books. Hence, as of yet, I am not strongly allured by “Allure” and its fellow SoB books.

Sweet Dreams,” on the other hand, is a different story. While it starts off a new Nina Lane series, entitled Sugar Rush, it’s not a contiguous 5-book story (thank goodness). It’s about a family of commercial candy makers, whose company Sugar Rush is led by eldest son, Luke Stone. Luke meets Polly Lockhart in a dive bar. Polly just broke off a childish and selfish relationship with another guy, while still coping after her mom’s death, and was on the prowl at the bar. While still tipsy and lush, she hit on Luke, with whom she felt an immediate zing just by looking straight into his eyes, right before he was about to hit his cue stick on some balls. Billiard balls, that is. They interacted well throughout the story, which I found to be well-written and straight to the point.

Was it amazingly great? No, it wasn’t. It’s a good book to just lose one’s self in after a hard day. Both main characters had some cliched background stories and acted predictably, but3 stars that’s really all right. Would I read the next book in the series? Absolutely. While I didn’t really like Polly’s sister, Hannah, in “Sweet Dreams,” who knows, maybe she’ll grow up a bit in her feature book with Luke’s younger brother, Evan. Besides, the series is about candy makers and bakers. What could be wrong about that?


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