Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven by @EloisaJames

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How much did I love Eloisa James’ latest historical romance novel, “Seven Minutes in Heaven“? Let me count the ways:

  1. It has a reference to “fifty shades of gray.” Not “Grey,” mind you, but “gray.” For half-mourning clothes in England’s late-1700s to early-1800s era, you understand.
  2. It features a strong, independent-minded, and entrepreneurial aristocratic woman in a time when all those qualities were severely frowned upon. Oh wait – that’s still frowned down on in select parts of the world where elected officials like grabbing beautiful women by their pussies and where other elected officials joke about rape. Nonetheless, “Seven Minutes in Heaven” celebrates my kind of woman.
  3. It features a non-traditional hero, too. What I especially love about Eloisa James’ books is that she makes those were supposed to be ostracized by society the books’ heroes and heroines.
  4. There’s a pet rat, which is kinda gross, but still charming.
  5. There’s a young girl with a queer flair for the dramatic, but who’s also very observant and was being reared to be exactly who she wants to be.
  6. The Duke of Villiers makes an appearance! With that exclamation point, I hope I’ve conveyed my enthusiasm and book-love for this highly exotic Duke.
  7. Book heroine, Eugenia Snowe, did not just give in to her hero’s, Ward Reese, sudden change of heart after he realized his mistake in throwing her aside after their affair. I like this part a lot. In my point of view, once an apology is made, the apologetic one must prove his/her sincerity. In the end, he did. She accepted graciously.

I know the book’s entitled “Seven…,” which I originally meant to copy in my ode to this book, but I can’t help a post-script.4 stars

P.S. I’ve mostly forgotten about the other characters who made appearances in this book, since I read their books years ago. I’m hoping Ms. James would tell us if there are other books following the Desperate Duchesses series. Two years between book 2 and this latest installment is a loooooooong wait.


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