Review: Downed by @JenSFred Jen Frederick

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Redemption. In everyday life, that particular word is almost synonymous to “revenge” or “forgiveness.” In reality, though, redemption is more than that. It’s about learning to live with past mistakes, forging a happier future based on the lessons learned, and getting back up on one’s feet and winning against the odds. Jen Frederick showed us all of those qualities in a man and more in the third book in her Gridiron series, “Downed.”

I’ll be honest witcha. When I first read this book’s blurb, I was highly skeptical that I’d like it. I mean, c’mon, really? A Southern belle takes on college-aged boys and makes it her personal mission to transform them from jerk to gentleman? Puhleeze. Then again, I have been proven wrong time and again by Ms. Frederick, so I one-clicked it, despite my personal apprehension.

After only 5 pages into “Downed,” I was hooked. Desperately hooked. This was good, people. Really good. (Okay, I sounded a bit like Trump there, but it really was very, very good!) JR “Ace” Anderson found his way back to being less of a jerk, after being the bad-guy-extraordinaire in “Jockblocked,” and his lady-love, Bryant Johnson, also redeemed herself from perpetual do-gooder to just plain ol’ human. I loved it. I really did. (Okay, okay, I’ll stop the annoying Trump-isms.)

There was one (glaring, yet) minor editing error that I couldn’t help wondering about (e.g., Ace was supposedly moving to Ty Masters’ school, MU, according to book 2, but in book 3, they were suddenly both in Southern U). However, it’s an error worth ignoring. There’s just nothing better than a warm blanket, a fully-charged e-book reader, and a really good and ultra-sexy Jen Frederick book to keep one company at night. Well…….. okay, there are better things out there, but “Downed” is not a bad alternative (fact).

Okay, I’ll stop now.
4 stars


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