Review: Jockblocked by @JenSFred Jen Frederick

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Continuing my self-professed love for all things Jen Frederick, I went plunging ahead with book 2 of her Gridiron series, “Jockblocked,” straight after finishing “Sacked.” Happiness: so freakin’ unlocked.

Ms. Frederick’s stories just compel me to finish, finish, finish, every time I open a new work of hers up. That’s why I have to be careful and not start a Jen Frederick book at 9pm, or else I suffer self-inflicted consequences (i.e., GREAT dreams, but hellish mornings-after). Nonetheless, I enjoyed every single moment of Jockblocked.

If I were a nitpicker with extreme OCD, I’d be disturbed that Ellie’s (heroine from “Sacked”) brother’s name was suddenly changed from “Jack Campbell” in book 1 to “Jack Camaron” in book 2. I may also be disturbed by the weird error made also in Jockblocked’s heroine, Lucy’s, name. On the author’s website, Lucy’s last name is Washington, but all throughout the book, she’s “Lucy Watson.” What is up with these names? Dunno. And I choose not to care, for after all, what’s in a name?

Matthew “Matty” Iverson and Lucy Watson’s story was easy to read, highly enjoyable, very sexy, and, if I were to be (too) honest, a bit trite. Its triteness, however, is not annoying or hampering in any way. There’s a reason why “sports romance” IS a genre. The way Ms. Frederick writes makes the story flow quickly, with the reader being enraptured in it whilst turning the pages. I don’t know why the author chose to make Ace Anderson, the erstwhile QB featured in book 1, the bad guy in this, together with their football coach, Coach Lowe (who came out as extremely selfish and weird – in the way that he expected Matty to resolve his team’s issues regarding Ace’s eventual demotion as starting QB. Then, in a later stage of the book, Lowe declares that the football team is his, not Matty’s or his teammates, despite him not interacting with his team when he’s causing a problem amongst it). But, hey, I suppose it’s better than the even more hackneyed plot of having petty jealousies come between the book’s main characters.

Lest I end this review with seemingly critical viewpoints, I want to finish by 4 starssaying: Jen Frederick, I really, really, REALLY liked this one. I’m slooooooowly chewing my way through “Downed” (book 3) now, seeing how book 4 is still eons away (i.e., September 2017). May the force be with you and may we please get more Gridiron books. Please.


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