Review: Sacked by Jen Frederick @JenSFred

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I loved this book. I read it in one sitting.

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Sorry, I snoozed there for a bit, particularly because I haven’t slept yet. Jen Frederick, if you’re reading this: you’re all kinds of amazeballs. Because of you, I now know that I really am a glutton for insta-love and that book-heroes are better than reality.

Sacked” features college All-American football player, Knox Masters, and good girl, Elliot “Ellie” Campbell. Ms. Frederick’s portrayal of a virgin football player and his first lover is a marked difference from this one. I suppose because Ms. Frederick thanked Kristen Callihan for giving her inspiration to write a sports-themed novel, we ought to thank Ms. Callihan, too, because “Sacked” is heads and shoulders above “The Game Plan.” Ms. Frederick gave us a bit of drama, but not too much. Frankly, I still don’t understand why Ellie helping her brother, Jack, out in his non-graded collegiate academic pursuits is such a big issue. I mean, hello, Trump is currently accusing non-existent “fly” voters for causing him the popular vote in the 2016 election. And, there are unanswered charges of corruption in the Philippine Immigration Bureau. But, then again, who am I to assume what is considered a big or small controversy in American sports?

I digress, though. While there are some elements of OTT in this book (e.g., the 4 starspredictably oft-repeated theme of terrible parents to Jack and Ellie), they’re forgivable. I breezed through Know and Ellie’s story – thankful that their HEA was easily achieved, and that Knox and Ellie, despite their young age, have the potential to be our society’s ideals of a sporting romantic success. I gave one huge big sigh after I finished the book, and am now heartily diving through the next book in this “Gridiron” series.

P.S. I already bought the third book in the series on my e-reader, but I’m trying to delay my own reading gratification, as the fourth book, which is supposed to feature Ty Masters (Knox’s identical twin), is scheduled to come out in September 2017. SEPTEMBER 2017, people! Sigh.


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