Review: The Ghost by @MonicaMcCarty


When Kellyanne Conway talked about “alternative facts” last weekend, that’s when I was 100% sure I’m right: she reads Monica McCarty’s books. No way in heaven, earth, purgatory, or hell would this seemingly cunning/smart political lobbyist and current U.S. Presidential top aide be referring to U.S. Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s tirade/lecture to the U.S. media last weekend (about the pictures showing U.S. President Trump’s less than impressive inauguration crowd attendees) as “alternative facts.” To Trump et. al., the fact is 1.5 million billion trillion people watched him get inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America.


Jesus, help us.


Anyway, I still like Ms. McCarty’s alternative facts better, as depicted in all 12 of her Highland Guard books. “The Ghost,” the last of those reimagined and romanticized truths about Scotland’s history, is the culmination of her addicted readers’ (a.k.a. me) adventures in 14th century Europe. It tells the story of Alex Seton, former Scottish Highland Guard, and Joan Comyn, secret spy for the Scots. As the closing to a great historical romance series, I cannot complain about “The Ghost.”

In my opinion, it was certainly a thousand times better than its preceding book, “The Rock.” Where “The Rock” featured a wishy-washy idiotic heroine, “The Ghost” celebrates a woman who was the very definition of the word “heroine.” While there were times that I glossed over the lengthy inner monologues and some corny parts that the author has generously given, I still find myself devouring the story quickly, in order to: (a) find out 4 starshow Alex resolves his internal struggle (and wishy-washiness), and (b) find out how Robert The Bruce finally unites Scotland. All-in-all, a great fictional read in the face of today’s non-fictional scary world.


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