Review: Happily Ever Ninja by Penny @ReidRomance

Screenshot 2017-01-20 09.28.34.png

I liked this. It was an over-exaggerated rendering of what marriages look like, and a subtly unsubtle lecture on what the author thinks couples ought to do to make their marriages work (i.e., they should work harder; compromise x10; love unconditionally; be patient x1,000; have fun). Frankly, I agree with Penny Reid‘s unsubtle hints – which is also precisely why I don’t ever want to be married.

But I digress. “Happily Ever Ninja” features Fiona and Greg Archer, the couple who is married for the longest amount of time within Fiona’s knitting circle. In this book, they go through a series of impossible challenges (i.e., the couple lying to each other; having differing views on how to raise their kids and how to invest their savings to get higher returns; Greg getting kidnapped in Nigeria; Fiona rescuing him using her highly-trained CIA operative skills; Greg anesthetizing her without her consent; Greg leaving her behind while in the middle of nowhere; etc. etc. etc.) that test their marriage and love – challenges they surpass unsurprisingly well, since this is, after all, a romance novel.

Do you note my cynicism? Well, yes, it’s there, particularly because I couldn’t suspend my disbelief throughout their entire tale. Don’t get me wrong, though. “HEN” is very well-written and there weren’t any of my usual pet peeves (e.g., annoying/trying girlfriends, excessive and unnecessary angst-ridden inner monologues). It’s just highly unbelievable and idealistic. Then, again, that’s why I read romances – to get that feeling of “goddammit, happily ever after is real!” Hence, my conflicted attitude towards it and a 3-star rating.


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