Review: Love in Lingerie by @ReadAlessandra Torre

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Love in Lingerie” by Alessandra Torre is a slow-burning love story. It features business owner, Trey Marks, and fashion creative director, Kate Martin, both of whom, in the course of only several seconds, fall in lust, but also whom, in the course of several years, finally fall in love. It’s a different type of love story. It feels real, particularly because the characters are heavily, heavily flawed. It feels fresh, in a way that it doesn’t follow the typical contemporary love story formula. Mostly, however, it feels… weird.

youre weird

Because the book was almost too real for me, I didn’t quite get myself as invested and immersed in Trey and Kate’s story. Sure, there were the hot, sexy scenes that Ms. Torre is known for; there was also that element of “will they or won’t they?” that I’m sure was meant to keep the reader in suspense. TBH, I just skipped a lot of the inner monologues and zoomed my way thru the dialogues. I mean, as soon as I found a quotation mark on the e-page, I was right there, man. I still got the story. And, in the end, I went from a “meh”-star to a 3-star rating.

Would I continue reading more of Ms. Torre’s books? Yes, I absolutely would. After all, I’m still in the search and in the hopes of another wow-zer such as her “Black Lies.” Would I recommend “Love in Lingerie” to anyone else? Yes, but only if that other person has read other Torre books. It’s not for a first-time Torre reader, in my opinion. There’s a chance that someone might not like it as there are traces of infidelity in it. Moreover, there were those weird moments in the book where the hero and heroine fight their physical attraction towards one another, and yet they “quality assess” the women’s lingerie they make in the name of “research.” Trey, at one point, was also into the sub-underworld type of sexual athletics, plus a bit of BDSM, too.

All in all, Ms. Torre’s latest book reminds me of3 stars how very human her fictional characters are. This may be some readers’ cuppa tea; others might be wary. I, for one, like it, but am now looking for fiction that is fun, lighthearted, and, well, stays in fiction. Realism be damned.


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