Review: Egomaniac by @ViKeeland


I am seriously in love. With Vi Keeland and her books. Her latest offering, “Egomaniac,” was exceptionally and cleanly written, funny yet though-provoking, and is just all-around sexy.

What I especially love about reading Ms. Keeland’s books is that there’s minimal angst and self-imposed drama. No annoying best girl-friend who can mess a girl around with lousy advices and meddling “good intentions.” No exceptionally bad or poor portrayals of women (as far as I’m concerned, that is). And, most importantly, no inner monologues that last an entire trek through the Sahara desert. The characters’ dialogues make sense, thus making this a fun, easy, and relaxing read.

“Egomaniac” features a loyal yet naive relationship counselor, Emerie Rose, and a cynical divorce lawyer, Drew Jagger. Now, if you know me personally, you’d know that I have read hundreds upon hundreds of romances, and now have the dubious ability of having book endings pre-written in my head. Of course, there’ll be a happily-ever-after, but how they get there is almost always predictable. Not for Emerie and Drew, though. Ms. Keeland had a few surprises, twists, and turns hidden for her readers in this one. I had originally thought this was just a straight love-hate relationship story, where the hero and heroine get to live in New York City’s Park Avenue forever. Was I wrong.

I loved this book. I fall continuously and hopelessly in love with happily ever afters, all thanks to Vi Keeland. 5 stars


P.S. I had the tiniest hope that there’d be a longer epilogue (i.e., what happened to the Park Avenue office space that’s been rented to a member of Drew’s family for several generations?; how many kids do they eventually have?; etc.)

P.P.S. The book is tagged as “A Tight Spaces novel.” I’m also hoping this is a new series, and the next book will feature Drew’s BF, Roman. Fingers and toes crossed!


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