Review: Hail Mary by @AuthorNRendell

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Okay, okay, I just wrote a review a few days ago about a professional ice hockey player and his physical therapist. And, now, prepare thyselves, people. I’m writing about a book I read over the New Year’s Eve holidays last year; it’s about a professional American football player and his… yep, his physical therapist.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Why, yes, I do, too! And, I ain’t sorry. I liked this one by an author I haven’t read before, Nicola Rendell. “Hail Mary” started me off laughing so loud, I literally p… okay, I’ll just stop there, but you get what I mean, right? It was just good.

Professional football quarterback, Jimmy Falconi, is on his last dregs in the sport. He tries to lessen the stress quotient by boxing in the gym, where he, unfortunately, gets beat down by tiny Mary. They have a spark, badabing-badaboom, and we got ourselves a funny tale of love and football.

Were there any surprises here? Nah, it’s not that kind of book. It’s just great fun, full of laughs, and regardless if you’re male or female (most likely, you’d be the latter if you’re 4 starsreading my blog), you can feel for that guy in his 30s who’s pulled his groin. “Ouch” doesn’t quite capture the sentiment – but it’s funny as hell anyway. I’ll be looking out for more Nicola Rendell books in the future. I suggest y’all do, too.


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