Review: Finding Kyle by @BennettBooks


When I started reading Sawyer Bennett’s books, I never thought I’d get addicted. It was like I was a sailor adrift on an unknown sea, and her books were those siren mermaids who kept calling my name. Except that my sirens looked like that dude on the front cover of Ms. Bennett’s latest opus, “Finding Kyle.”

[@BennettBooks: if you can please advise me of the real name of the model standing as “Kyle,” I’d sincerely appreciate it. – Kim’s Inner Stalker]

While this is a true stand-alone novel, I cannot tell you how low my jaw dropped when I found out about Kyle’s connection to Ms. Bennett’s other books, particularly “With A Twist” and “Wicked Bond.” That Ms. Bennett has managed to “revive” a character who had briefly appeared in her other books, a character that I had, to be quite honest, forgotten about, is G-E-N-I-U-S. Perhaps there were other Sawyer Bennett readers out there who had pestered the author for a story that features this audacious blood-spattered hero from past books – a trend that I, maybe, never caught on to. Then, to suddenly have his story in my hands? Well, spank my booty and color me astounded. Suffice it to say that a “shock” is the least I’d describe it to be; nonetheless, I got took on a thrill of a ride.

Heroine Jane Cresson is someone I’d describe as one’s typical American girl next door. She’s an artist, who specializes in paint, but earns her bread-and-butter as an art teacher living in the middle of small-town Maine. She discovers her new neighbor is a silent bad-boy tattooed loner type and sets out on a personal quest to befriend and seduce him. Why she’d do this, I don’t know, except I’m speculating that she’s horny for him. Maybe that’s what small-town Americans do? Now, besides her blonde good looks, she was also given a weird tick, wherein she’d insert famous movie quotations and the quotations’ sources in her conversations with other people. I agree with Kyle wholeheartedly when he said she was annoying when she did that. It’s a minor point, but I’ve rolled my eyes at a book and at a fictional character for lesser reasons. However, since this is a Sawyer Bennett masterpiece, I trudged on and prevailed.

Hero Kyle Sommerville, as mentioned earlier, was unexpected. I do remember him, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t until almost the halfway mark that I fully understood where I remembered him from. Being the anti-hero that he was, Kyle’s attempt to get back to his life prior to his hiding was supposed to be a boring, peaceful, yet watchful time for him. Alas, pesky and lustful, albeit cute and gorgeous, teacher Jane horned her way into his self-imposed exile and breathed in air and even more chaos into his life. Just his luck that he stumbled upon a woman who just cannot take no for an answer. Exciting times laid 4 starsahead for these two. And, as for me? Learning about Kyle’s HEA guaranteed that I was experiencing those same times with them. God bless Sawyer Bennett for her wieldy talent in spinning such a great and sexy story.


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