Review: Beautiful by @ChristinaLauren

Screenshot 2017-01-13 21.07.44.png

Beautiful” is the last of the books in authors Christina Lauren’sBeautiful” series. I loved all the characters in this series since Beautiful Bastard and Sweet Filthy Boy first came out. With these last two characters, Jensen and Pippa, the love, I’ve found, has neutralized a bit. I skipped a lot of the self-made drama made by the two main characters; quite honestly, I also didn’t like Hanna Sumner (who was featured in book 3, Beautiful Player) here either. Why anyone (in this case, a 34-year-old man’s baby sister) would insist a man isn’t happy or fulfilled without being with someone else is filthily annoying. I know, I know. I’m reading a romance… and I’m in the minority. But the truth is – what I really love is reading about a romance that isn’t forced, ya know what I mean? In “Beautiful,” both Jensen and Pippa were just forced on each other. Hard. Extremely hard. I mean, really: when has anyone in reality ever loved a truly horrible, overly chatty, and strange seat mate on a plane? One who loudly and ungraciously belched in your face? C’mon now. The entire premise is ridiculous and B-movie-ish.

What saved it for me, though, are all the epilogues highlighting the characters from previous “Beautiful” books. Those got me from a 1-star straight to a 3-star rating. Without those HEA epilogues, I’d still be thinking 2017 is a lousy year of reading for me.3 stars


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