Review: Sweet As Sin by J.T. Geissinger

Screenshot 2016-12-28 12.32.02.png
Way too much drama. The author notes that in the middle of her writing this book, her dad passed away, hence, the heavy dramatic angles this book went through. But just when the author went thru a very personal and heavy ordeal, she went even heavier with the drama and angst she poured into Sweet As Sin.

WARNING: spoilers ahead

(1) Heroine Kat Reid lost her mother to cancer. But long before her mother’s death, her Irish musician father abandoned her and her mom and moved back to Ireland with his other family.

(2) Hero Nico Nyx has even more black secrets in his background. His public faux girlfriend, supermodel Avery, turns out to really be his sister. He and his siblings suffered physical abuse under their father, but Avery was brutalized (raped). That ruined her forever. Plus, his brother, Michael, turned out to be a complete whacko – he had an incestuous relationship with Avery, trafficked drugs in and out of wherever he was, and committed multiple murders. This does not count his invasion of Nico and Kat’s privacy, kidnapping, and attempted murder.

(3) Kat is an immature 24 year old, who gets jealous at every turn. She’s also had a bad run with guys. Twelve guys to be exact. How a woman could be that stupid about men – I don’t know. She’s also had a teenage pregnancy and a subsequent miscarriage. Why she can’t stay away from scary Nico is not romantic, in my opinion, it just makes her a slave to her vagina. While Nico could be romantic, he’s a bit schizophrenic, where he can be sweet one second, then murderous the next.

(4) Kat’s Debbie Downer of a friend, who’s ironically named Grace, reminds me a lot of me. She’s also a family and marriage counselor. Ha! Irony, thy name is this fictional character’s. Grace is getting her own book, in the as-yet-to-released 3rd installment to the Bad Habit series. I, for one, am NOT planning to buy it. (hide spoiler)]


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