Review: Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts

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When Nora Roberts is on her game, boy oh boy, watch out. Book 2 of The Guardians trilogy is “Bay of Sighs,” featuring Annika, the mermaid, and Sawyer Alexei King, the time and space traveler. I’ve written about what my thoughts were on Book 1, but nobody will be more surprised than I was when I discovered that “Bay of Sighs” completely, utterly, and absolutely knocked my socks right off.

I suppose the surprise came, because of the lack of drama between the 2 main characters. They love, they know it, they seized their moment, and their moment seized them right back. Granted, there was no talk of how Sawyer was going to support himself on the fairy tale deserted island future for himself and his sea-based mermaid… and he and his mermaid have no qualms about mating while she has a fish tail… but okay, I just went with it. And IT was bee-yoo-ti-ful!

Forgetting about the image I’ve got in my head (and right above this line), I just got the feelz. All the feelz, y’all. The heroics, the unexpected evil pet (a.k.a. the demon once known as the evil man, Andre Malmon), the pure joy from Annika, and the honor found in Sawyer’s heart… they were stupendously sewn in together inside one book that ends on a cliffhanger. Dammit. (I have a feeling the future that Sawyer and Annika envisioned for themselves will not be as initially described. Book 3 may hold more surprises – especially since Sawyer needs an heir for his family’s heirloom magical compass.)

Thank goodness I waited for one ENTIRE year before starting this series, or else, I would’ve been a melting pot of goo. The last book is “Island of Glass,” which will (obviously) feature the last 2 of the 6 Guardians of the Stars: a she-wolf, Dr. Riley Gwin, and an immortal, Doyle. I’m thinking: nah, Nora Roberts won’t go into zoophilia, right??? But, then again, she already sort of went there with Annika and Sawyer. So, hey! A new adventure, yeah? Gross, but I’m hoping Riley is NOT into that. LOL!4 stars


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