Review: Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts

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I only started this first book in Nora Roberts’ newest trilogy, “The Guardians,” yesterday, particularly because the series’ final book was only released in early December 2016. I hate it when books that ought to be read one after another are released weeks or months apart, but for Nora Roberts, I’ll patiently wait… so that I can read all the books sequentially.

In “Stars of Fortune,” we meet the six primary modern heroes and heroines who are tasked to find the moon goddesses’ long-hidden fallen stars and to protect the said stars from the evil clutches of witch Nerezza. “Stars of Fortune” features the love story of Bran, the magician/sorcerer, and Sasha, the seer/empath. Together with their new friends, Sawyer (the magic compass-enabled time traveller), Annika (the mermaid), Riley (the lycan/werewolf anthropologist), and Doyle (the immortal warrior [but who is not a vampire]), they go on a quest, where each pair of (fated) lovers finds one of the three stars. Here in the first book, Bran and Sasha find the Fire Star. The succeeding two books would eventually find Sawyer and Annika saving the Water Star (duh, she’s a mermaid), and then Doyle and Riley closing the loop via the discovery of the Ice Star.

Now, if you’re like me, a.k.a. a Nora Roberts addict, you’ll already know how each of these three books begin and end. Ms. Roberts, after all, is repetitive and formulaic in her paranormal trilogies (“Guardians” is reminiscent of Ms. Roberts’ Three Sisters Island, Key, but most especially the Circle trilogies). “As you will, so mote it be” is an oft-repeated magickal (yes, Ms. Roberts spells that word the Irish way) line in her paranormal books, almost all of which feature a Wiccan or a witch or a sorcerer. Since I’ve read all of them, “Stars of Fortune” holds no surprise for me. Unfortunately, because I’ve read so many Roberts books, I now find it boring.

Nevertheless! I bought the books, am reading “Bay of Sighs” (book 2) now, and will, of course, follow that up with “Island of Glass.” Suspending my disbelief is a trifle bit harder at this point, yes – but my love for Nora Roberts stubbornly perseveres.3 stars


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