Review: Max by Sawyer Bennett

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Smooth, easy, low-drama factor, alpha hero, Cinderella-like heroine, and a little bit of hockey. That’s how I’d sum up “Max” by Sawyer Bennett. Was it one of the most brilliant Bennett books out there? No. Was it one of the easiest book to read? Yup. With only 300 pages in the book, this is, without a doubt, damned easy to read. Plus: there’s minimal fuss and drama in it, making it a relaxing and sorta enjoyable read.

The highlights:

  1. Max Fournier – ‘Nuff said. He’s romantic and athletic. An alpha male through and through, his Prince Charming complex is not hard to fall for, particularly when he sweeps into his damsel-in-distress routine. He’s also pragmatic and sweet. When he wants something, he sure as heck goes all out to get it.
  2. Low drama factor – Any drama included in “Max” revolves around his girlfriend and insta-love, Jules Bradley. Max brings only flowers, butterflies, and chocolate on to every single page and scenario he’s in. Dammit, he’s the best book boyfriend ever.

The lowlights:

  1. Highly predictable and formulaic – there’s nothing new here. Rich Boy (RB) falls into insta-lust and insta-love for Poor Girl (PG). PG has family issues, cries consistently throughout the book (yep, she’s squeezing every single darned tear for me to sop up in almost every chapter surrounding her dramas), and bores me. RB is perfect. PG asks for a pseudo-break in their relationship. RB gives her space. PG wants him back. RB takes her back, has her and her kids move in with him, and proposes to her publicly. Yeah. Okay.
  2. Zzzzzzzzzzz… oops sorry I fell asleep there just recounting the lowlights.

I miss Sawyer Bennett’s brilliance in creating “Uncivilized.” That was a book that threw me for a loop! This one? Meh. I liked Garrett and Olivia’s book better. Hell, I like Zach’s book better. But now, I discover that there’s a seventh book in the series, featuring Roman Sýkora.


Damn. I just one-clicked on it and pre-ordered despite my despair over the last two Cold Fury books. I hope I didn’t just waste $5.99 on Roman. Please, o book gods, let it not be a waste. *Kim downs a shot of vodka.*


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