Review: Only For You by @Naima_Simone

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Book 3 of Naima Simone‘s Lick series, “Only For You” is the last of a good book addiction. MY book addiction. After reading “Only For A Night,” I thought Ms. Simone was (is) the BOMB. That book was short, sweet, hot, sexy, and screamed of a damned good follow-up. Then, I started stalking the author everywhere: her FB fan page, her Twitter account (she’s a bit obsessed with TLC’s “90-day Fiancé,” and her Amazon page. So, of course, I begged, bartered, and stole (…that last part is a lie, BTW) to get an ARC of “Only For Your Touch,” which is my absolute favorite amongst all these Lick books. I had all. The. Feels.

ugly cry photo ugly cry_zpszevesip9.gif

Something I never expected to happen, though, did.

Um… how do I put it?

I did not like “Only For You.”


I know. Sniff. Nobody is more disappointed in myself and in this final Lick book than me. Begging your pardon now, while I explain:

  1. Trust and loyalty, to me, is more important than love. Both in real and reel life, but I think, most especially in reel life. We face so much distrust and disloyalty already in reality that I want my fictional characters to have a HEA that is… birds-singing-deer-dancing-wine-guzzling happy. “Only For You’s” heroine, Gabriela, not only betrayed Killian, she was also extremely naive about it. If she’s THAT stupid about the po-po, then she shouldn’t deserve that HEA, in my opinion.
  2. Killian took her back, despite what happened to him after her ultimate betrayal. Why?! I don’t know. I still don’t get it, honestly.
  3. While the sexy scenes are hot, the story just didn’t pull me in. I had so much more fun and “believed” in Rion and Sasha’s stories. I was expecting a follow-up/epilogue with Sasha and Corinne in this book, but it wasn’t enough. I suppose I was asking for too much. This is, after all, an Entangled Publishing book (known for short stories).

Maybe I was just not in the mood to forgive and forget together with Killian. Maybe I was looking for a longer book this time. I don’t know. One thing’s for sure, though: I’mma miss this Lick gang a whole dang lot.

P.S. Maybe I’ll dream up an alternate story for Killian?
P.P.S. Bah, who am I kidding. Naima Simone, I certainly ain’t.


One thought on “Review: Only For You by @Naima_Simone

  1. naimasimone says:

    Aaw, I’m sorry you didn’t gel with this book like the other two! And that’s cool, because your review was still honest, and I totally understand where you’re coming from. And did I mention you made me snort-laugh? LOL!! Thank you for reading, Kim! You ROCK!! ❤

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