Review: Duke of Pleasure by @ElizabethHoyt


Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series is seriously addictive. I’ve been reading them since, oh maybe, 4 or 5 years ago, and any time a new one comes out, iTunes gets happy with me, since I don’t even spend a millisecond reading the blurb, I just One-Click and continue pumping up my horde of Hoyt books.

(FYI: the first book in the Maiden Lane series, Wicked Intentionswas supposedly offered for free for new readers recently, but I just checked Amazon again and as of this writing, the offer’s been retracted or the promo’s done already. Poor you, if you haven’t read it yet.)

Duke of Pleasure is a semi-continuation of a plot found in preceding Maiden Lane books. Hence, I recommend you read the first 10 books before you jump into this one. It features Hugh Fitzroy, Duke of Kyle, and street urchin, Alf, who’s one of my favorite characters and was first introduced to Hoyt-addicts through the fifth book in the series, “Lord of Darkness.” Since both of their last appearances in “Duke of Sin,” Alf has found her personal and heroic, yet thankless, purpose by donning the infamous Ghost of St. Giles costume. Kyle, meanwhile, is still hunting down members of an evil hush-hush aristocratic group who call themselves the “Lords of Chaos.” They meet again, eventually work together, Kyle discovers Alf’s real identity, fall in love with each other… and *sigh* HEA.

It’s a book that follows the Hoyt formula. Am I sad about it? Hell, no! I’m freakin’ happy, because I love these characters so much. A part of my brain rejects a teeny, tiny bit of it, as it’s highly unlikely Alf would’ve been readily accepted in high society as a “proper” Duchess. Nor would Hugh be easily “forgiven” by society-at-large. Now, if you disagree with my brain, well let me tell you, so does my heart. Purge all cynicism aside, people, and let Ms. Hoyt bring romance back. Trust me, it’s addictive.


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