Review: Fire In You by @JLArmentrout

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Poignant and sweet, J. Lynn (a.k.a. Jennifer Armentrout FINALLY released “Fire In You” a year after its preceding book in the series was published. Was waiting for more than one year to see what happens with Jillian Lima and Brock O’Hurn Mitchell worth it? Yeah, kind of.

Here, we find out what happened to Jilly that made her disappear from the Philly headquarters of her family’s Lima Academy (an MMA gym). We also find out how they finally get their crap together. What I especially love about this book is how Ms. Armentrout demonstrated the emotional growth of a woman, from girl-child to no-shits-given-yet-caring adult. Jilly stopped running away from her problems and her supposed angst-giving predators (in this book, it was another gym trainer, Paul, and Brock’s ex, Kristen Morgan). She stands up for herself, asserts herself (a.k.a. leans in), and lives to tell the tale.

“Fire In You” also shows Brock’s own emotional growth. He stops thinking only of himself, finally opens his eyes to what really matters, and stops being a world-class jerk. Well, at least he stops being a jerk to Jilly. The way he dismisses his ex-gf/fiancee of 6 years was still, IMO, jerkish.

Why a 4-star rating then and not a raving 5? And why did I say it kinda worth waiting for more than a year – a year when I’ve practically forgotten who the other characters in the series are? Because the denouement came abruptly. Brock’s ex, Kristen, appeared in the last 5% of the book to give her “contrabida” monologue; then, Jilly and Brock had their showdown… and The End.

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It was not satisfactory, not to this reader at least. An epilogue woulda been really nice. And necessary, I think. All-in-all, however, this was really good and worth the dollars and pennies spent.4 stars


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