Review: Creed by Kristen Ashley

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I think I need to take my Kristen Ashley book addictions in small doses, i.e., one book at a time; don’t read them all together. There’s only so much unnecessary verbosity I can take.

Let me be honest: I started out loving “Creed” heroine Sylvie Bissenette. She was described as a non-typical Kristen Ashley heroine, wherein she’s a badass private investigator, 5’2″ tall, not sweet, and is not clingy. Up until that chapter when her anti-hero, Tucker Creed, mentioned that he named his kids with another woman the names that Sylvie had once chosen for her own kids with Creed. Then it all started going down for me. Sylvie physically attacked him after finding out this piece of tomfoolery – I mentally commended her for it, as it was a very asshole move he made. However, she ended up instigating sex with him. As punishment.

To quote Ms. Ashley: “Um… pardon?”

Sylvie eventually accepts that Creed had all good reason to leave her behind in backwards Kentucky. (Why the state of Kentucky has a seemingly bad reputation for being “backwards” in every romance novel I’ve read, I don’t know.) Every chapter hence then proceeded to be ho-hum. Yes, there were plenty of sexy scenes. Every chapter has one. EVERY CHAPTER. To the point that this reader started skipping them.

Sylvie and Creed initially reconnected, because they were inadvertently partnered up to help Knight Sebring shut down a hostile takeover of his pimping business/dance club. Nothing of this was said very much. In fact, Knight released Creed from his contractual service because the hostile takeover was there one minute, and gone the next. This part was somewhat intriguing, but ended boringly for me.

I hope there’s more substance in the next two books I’ve already bought from this series. 2 stars


One thought on “Review: Creed by Kristen Ashley

  1. TJlovesbooks says:

    Fantastic review! I recall having similar thoughts after reading Creed the first time. It was better as a re-read (3* for me) after I finished the series. IMO, Raid is a little better. Deacon pushed me over a ledge the read LOL. I hope you enjoy. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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