Review: Knight by @KristenAshley68

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I’ve never heard of a man, reel or real, who talks as much as Knight Sebring, in Kristen Ashley’s first book in her “Unfinished Hero” series. I really didn’t mind the proclivities of Knight and Anya’s “Daddy/baby” play. In fact, it was sexier and hotter than how another author, Alexa Riley, portrays such a taboo-type of relationship. Whilst I really liked how the book progressed and how it ended in not too much drama (compared to Ms. Ashley’s earlier books), the prose coulda been trimmed more. Much more. Knight speaks too much like a woman. Yes, I know Ms. Ashley’s a woman; hence, Knight sounds like one. But doesn’t a really good writer have better imagination than this?

Regardless, though – I’m now hooked. Moving on to “Creed,” the second book in this series, where the heroine sounds like my kinda girl. 4 stars

P.S. This is an ultra short review, because I’m deep into reading mode. Creed is looking really good. I love, love, love Sylvie, @KristenAshley68.


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