Review: The Anatomy of Us by Amelia LeFay

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At the end of The Anatomy of Jane, Max Emerson got into a car accident and lost the use of his legs, left his two lovers, and went to find someone who can help him re-use his legs. Wesley Uhler had read Max’s last goodbye note, looked at Jane Chapman, and said “adios.” And, OMG, Jane was left alone, pregnant. *Gasp*

You can imagine why I just HAD TO HAVE book 2 of this duet series. When I got my hands on it via The Anatomy of Us FB page, IT. WAS. EVERYTHING. So, I read it. And I was….

 photo meh_emma_stone_zpsksudaiq8.gif

Sure, there were LOTS of steamy, hot, uncomfortable sexy scenes. But – that was it. At the start of part 2 of WJM’s story, Max got his rehab from a gay former military man. (I thought there was gonna be somethin-somethin there, but nuh-uh, zero, zilch.) After 3.5 years of prolonged self emotional-infliction, Max finally got his feet back under him, went to find Wesley, then joined the mile-high club with him on their way back to find Jane. That happened in about 0.5 seconds… or 1 week, give or take a few hours.

Once they’re back in Boston, they find Jane in a hospital, worried sick over her daughter, Masley, who has blood poisoning. The kid’s doctor thought it prudent to have her biological father’s blood on hand during surgery, since Jane’s blood doesn’t match her daughter’s. Ta-dah! Both of her former threesome lovers walked in. Then they proceeded to see Masley back to peak health, took a staycation in Max’s Hamptons mansion, had TONS AND TONS of BDSM & vanilla sex, and…

Sorry. I bored myself silly re-telling parts of the story.

This was okay. Nothing surprising this time around. The author, Amelia LeFay, noted on her FB page that she “lost” herself somewhat during this book’s writing (her mojo, perhaps?). And, I can clearly tell. It was, like, she just wanted to shut the nagging readers up from the constant follow-ups on when book 2 in the WJM duet series will be out. So, she released the book for free, complete with all her grammatical errors, and called it a day. Frankly, I expected too much, particularly because I really liked “The Anatomy of Jane.”


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