Review: The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

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Okay, so this review comes after a blogpost where I ranted about cookie-cutter romances, but I can’t help it: Lauren Blakely would always be a must-read for me. Technically, this second from the latest offering from Ms. Blakely (she just released a new book today) is a stand-alone, but it has characters featured in previous stand-alone books. Pardon me, though, if I don’t mention them, because… well, I’ve forgotten their titles. Oops. But it’s along the same thread as Big Rock, Mister O, and Well-Hung.

The Sexy One” features two very cliched characters. A single dad, who just so happened to be a BFD in the world of Wall Street and who’s now turned into a self-made restaurant investor with oodles and oodles of money, and his little daughter’s nanny. Yep, sooooo Ben Affleck. In point of fact, Ms. Blakely made mention of Affleck and his nanny-loving ways in the book. The only difference is book-hero, Simon, is already divorced from his lying wife, while book-heroine and the aforementioned nanny, Abby, doesn’t want his money. She just wants him and also loves his daughter very much.

Ehem. Sorry, I just swallowed my tongue to keep myself from biting it too hard.

Oh, believe you me. When I started the book, I already sensed the agony I was going to go through. The nanny-and-father story is just so oft repeated in real life that I just don’t find it sexy. I really don’t care that Simon is single and unattached. The social stigma is already attached. And, yes, I’m quite social, thank you very much. Simon and Abby’s sexy scenes are incredibly hot (hence, I don’t want to miss any Lauren Blakely book), but it doesn’t sway my views on this extremely fictional and romanticized story. Oh, additionally, the scene where Abby was gripped in the throes of a high induced by her first-time-sex-with-Simon that she threw off her bath towel and opened Simon’s door naked. Thus, welcoming Simon’s 5-year-old daughter home. Yuck.

I liked “The Sexy One,” despite the unbelievability of it all and my lingering incredulousness.2 stars


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