Of cookie-cutter romances & poor female representations

I love my fictions. I love reading about happily-ever-afters. But if you’re like me and have read probably over 5,000 books, mostly in the romance genre, you’ve also probably almost read ’em all. The books about the vampires falling in love with humans. The ones about the various forms of the hot, alpha, bad boy (e.g., blue-collar worker, millionaire, billionaire, zillionaire, entrepreneur, lawyer, motorcycle club prez or member, sex club owner, football star, baseball star, ice hockey star, high-school BMOC, college BMOC, etc., etc., etc.) falling in love with his stepsister, or his nerdy classmate, or a female field reporter, or a baker, or a doctor, or a nurse, or a therapist, or a man-eating lawyer, or a reluctant down-on-her-luck sex club waitress/dancer… whatever.

I’ve had enough. I just received a message on FB from an author I’ve never come across before touting his re-released debut novels. One’s about a middle-aged man who’s having a mid-life crisis. He’s being sexually harrassed (but he likes it) by his new, younger female boss. He’s also perversely and sexually attracted to his kids’ baby-sitter. He’s also supposedly happy with his wife before he switched jobs. The author said this was the start of a trilogy.

Cue my eye-roll.

The other book — I forget what it was about. Frankly, because I didn’t care. Wait – I do remember him saying that other ARC reviewers have told him to put a warning in the blurb, as there may be “triggers” for readers who’ve had difficult pasts.


Why, oh my jeezuz why do I keep encountering these books? Just because I’ve read the ilk before, Goodreads, it doesn’t mean I want to re-read the same crap over and over again, never mind that it’s by a different author, with a different cover, and different fictional character names. I wonder if there’s an app somewhere that can recommend books that are of the same genre, but has a UNIQUENESS to its plot?

And, oh, please: no more poor female who continually lusts after men. Please. Personally, I don’t like Trump-ers in my romantic fictions.


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