Review: Keepsake by Sarina Bowen

Screenshot 2016-11-19 14.58.13.png

Hmmmm… this is one of those rare times that I don’t know what to say. Particularly about a book I liked. Sarina Bowen writes new adult contemporary romances that are sweet and memorable. Some books are cliched (like the first book in this series, Bittersweet, and another book, Rookie Move), but Ms. Bowen certainly does not shy away from the harsh realities that today’s American white 20-somethings experience. This, I think, is what makes Bowen’s books exciting… and a gamble, at the same time, if you’re spending money on her creations.

Vermont is not the typical setting in a modern day romance, but Ms. Bowen’s True North series highlights the typical rural American farm life, one that I’ve been imagining with the advent of TLC’s Little People, Big World. She makes Vermont sound so peaceful – a haven, so to speak, for wayward souls.

I loved Zach ever since he was introduced in “Bittersweet.” It’s great to read about his HEA with fellow strong survivor, Lark Wainwright, who went thru her own nightmare before finding happiness in VT. Zach’s path to love and the 21st century in Lark’s arms was… expected and sigh-worthy.

In short, I liked this book. I didn’t know we’d be getting a fourth book – Zara’s – but there was a strong hint about it in the end of “Keepsake.” 3 stars


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