Review: Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll by @BennettBooks


This was a complete awesome-sauce of a book. Sawyer Bennett did not disappoint. “Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll” was a quick read, utterly swoon worthy, and yes, super sexy. Thank goodness for the visual of how hero Evan Scott would look like on the e-book’s cover, or else I would be imagining someone else (a little bit more on this later).

Evan Scott is an indie rocker who has just found surprising success thru his first self-released album. He’s fending off droves of female admirers —- okay, no, that’s not true. He’s living it large and proud, kicking off his tour with a… one-night stand, a murder, and a lawsuit.

Surprised? Well, me, too. Sorta.

I think Ms. Bennett’s forte is sweet, sexy romances that are sometimes heavy (I’m presuming that’s what her Sugar Bowl books are, which I’m saving for a rainy day), but are more often light (check out the Off series). This particular gem is so light, it flies. Literally. My finger was swiping right on my e-reader so fast, I finished it in about 8 hours, give or take a few. Evan’s counterpart, Emma Peterson, is someone a girl who doesn’t have the revered supermodel face or physique wants to be. She’s also quite relate-able, as a character. She’s smart (How can she not be? Ms. Bennett does NOT write about doozies and ditzies). She’s pragmatic, introverted, and slightly hoity-toity in the beginning of the book. After her Evan-encounters, however, she changes. For the better… her choice, I believe. The change, in my opinion, makes her character more interesting. No one-note mama here.

What I especially love about Ms. Bennett’s writing is that she often invokes the voice of both major characters. The dual POVs in “Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll” make us understand the characters’ personal developments a bit more, I think, rather than when we only have the typical female “oh-woe-is-me” mindset (and annoying monologues).

I’ll be very candid here, though (which I have the right to be, since I bought the damned e-book with my own money). Evan reminded me a lot of Trump. Donald J. Trump. Yes, he of the “grab them by the pussy” type of privileged, rich, white, American man. In the beginning of Evan and Emma’s interactions, Emma was understandingly hesitant about being personal and friendly with her client, Evan. He, however, has no problem getting up-close and in-her-face with Emma. Literally. He grabs her (thank god, it wasn’t by the vagina). He kisses her in a he-man sorta way. If this weren’t a romance novel, and it was real life, Evan shoulda gotten a knee to the balls, I say. That’s why I said it’s great we have a fantastic-looking, panties-dropping visual of Evan Scott on the cover. Else, I woulda said #notmyhero.3 stars


P.S. The baddie of the story (a.k.a. the one who lied all throughout the story [which wasn’t sexy]) was also pretty obvious. Still, I like my light-reading. Sawyer Bennett rocks!


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