SALE! @loreleijames First Three Rough Riders Book Bundle for 99¢!

Have you heard the news? The first three Rough Riders books are bundled and on sale for 99¢! THIS. IS. EPIC. And too bad for me and other Lorelei James fanatics who’ve already bought these 3 books. I think I bought my copies of these for about $3.00, so 90 FREAKING CENTAVOS for ALL 3 BOOKS is a STEAL.

When your fingers are ready to one-click, here are the links for your fave e-book retailers.

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rough riders sale 2.jpg

Now, go enjoy them. P.S. When you’ve finished reading these first 3 books, please proceed to the rest of the Rough Riders books, especially book 5,, I swear you’ll thank me. You’re welcome, world.


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