Review: Wild Man by @KristenAshley68

Screenshot 2016-11-10 09.26.50.png

If you’ve read practically all of Kristen Ashley’s inventory of books, then you’ll be just like me. An addict. Her ultra-mega-OTT-verbose single-person point-of-view account of two people’s unlikely love story is deliciously addictive. I especially love the stories she tells of lemme-try-again love for people in their mid-30s to early-40s. “Wild Man” is one of them.

I also love it when Ms. Ashley creates a heroine who knows her own mind, is NOT wishy-washy, strong, independent, not overly sensitive, and does not play games. Such is heroine Tessa “Tess” O’Hara. Her hero-counterpart, Brock “Slim” Lucas, is your typical Ashley hero. Alpha male, father of two strapping mini-Alphas in the making, has a crazy sociopathic ex-wife, and is in law enforcement (cop turned DEA agent turned cop again). Unlike other Ashley heroes, though, Brock proclaims his love for Tess early on in their relationship. True, he lied to her at first, but came semi-crawling back after 3 weeks of silence from Tess. I say “semi-crawling” because he really didn’t. You know what I mean (hello, he’s macho wild man).

“Wild Man” is a great read. There was minimal drama all throughout the story, but there was that predictable last-minute, Hail-Mary of an epic kidnapping and rape attempt at the end, from an unexpected bad guy. Again, if you’ve read Kristen Ashley’s books before, you’d know what I mean. Hence, the 4-star rating, and not a wow-Clinton-lost kind of 5-star bonkers of a rating. 4 stars


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