Review: Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy

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I miss J.J. McAvoy. I don’t know her personally, but I am addicted to her published works – well, most of them. I am resolved that I will never delete That Thing Between Eli and Gwen and Sugar Baby Beautiful. Likewise, I am on tenterhooks just waiting for the follow-up (and, hopefully, the well-written ending) of the author’s pen named novel, “The Anatomy of Jane,” which supposedly comes out this month… Fingers crossed.

This book you now see on this page is the last of my TBR J.J. McAvoy. “Black Rainbow” reminds me of the popular TV show “How To Get Away With Murder.” Ish. Kinda. If I squint my eyes real hard, that is. To give you the gist, it’s the love story of a law professor and his student. There. ‘Nuff said, right?

Ha! That was what turned me on to McAvoy in the first place. Those little hooks and “come-ons.” Plus it’s an interracial romance (white dude + hot, black, powerful female) and is a little bit May-December romantic (the fictional main characters have a 13-year age gap between them, which, in these days, ain’t really so bad; bee tee dubya, he’s older). You sink right into the book and then “bam!” You’re caught. Unfortunately here, you won’t see the same 4 or 5-star ratings I gave previously-mentioned and much-loved McAvoy books. Particularly because “Black Rainbow” is corny. The female character is one of those fictional romantic heroines who can’t make up her mind: she wants him, she hates him, she wants him, oh but he’s an ass, and yet she puts on her boots to, essentially, charge him at his house, asking him why he hasn’t followed/chased her down. In one word: EW. Not into that kind of portrayal of a supposedly strong female protagonist. Somehow, the dudes in these types of books come out smelling like roses. IDK why.

Anyhow, it’s a good book. It’s still relate-able, unlike McAvoy’s “Ruthless People” books. While others have loved and continue to love that series, me? I’m meh. In fact, I don’t like them at all. I say – if Ms. McAvoy is somehow psychic or this post manages to reach her eyes: please – more Eli and Gwen, and another Sugar Baby type of twisty amazing book would be great. Granted. the twisty, mind-blowing Sugar Baby Beautiful may come once in a lifetime, but if lightning can strike twice, I hope the inspiration strikes you again. Gently. And in a great way. Thanks!

P.S. I can’t help it. I’ve gotta add – I didn’t like the reason why the book’s called “Black Rainbow.” The reference and the analogy used in the book is silly, in my estimation. #Sorry

3 stars


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